Fe y Alegría Congress

Fe y Alegría Congress

Between September 29th and 30th, people from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe representing more than 22 Fe y Alegría National Offices will meet in El Escorial, Madrid. They will reflect and dialogue about the Congress’ themes, in order to grow as a global movement responding to its challenges

Round-table discussions, inspirational talks and testimonials will help the attendees to approach the frontiers that are questioning Fe y Alegría and to understand how the Federation is responding to this issue as a global movement.

We will invite the participants to look at Fe y Alegría’s future with hope. Led by the hand of experts, NGO members and workshops we will reflect on the upcoming opportunities and challenges.


Carlos Fritzen, sj

Coordinator of the Internacional Federation Fe y Alegría

Dani Villanueva, sj

Executive vice president Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría España

Antonio España, sj

Provincial Father of Spain

Arturo Sosa, sj

General Father

Patxi Álvarez

Spain Province Counsellor Discernment and Apostolic Planning

Luisa Pernalete

Fe y Alegría Venezuela Coordinator for Peace Education

Alfred Kiteso, sj

Fe y Alegría RD Congo

Sofia Gutiérrez

Fe y Alegría Guatemala

Ana Millán

Accenture Foundation Director

Pedro Walpole

Coordinator of Reconciliation with Creation for the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific

John Dardis

Father General’s Assistant Ad Providentiam

Tom Smolich, sj

JRS International Director

Sebastián Mora

Professor in Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

Jorge Cela

Loyola Centres, Cuba

Jose Bento

Warwick Business School

Enrique Cusco

Olé Communications CEO

Milagros Analia

Red Generación 21+ Young

Pilar Orenes

Oxfam Intermón Deputy Director

Ramón Almansa

Rapporteur team Entreculturas-FyA Spain VP


Luis Arancibia

FIFyA Coordinator and  Spain Social Delegate

Lucía Rodríguez

Lucía Rodríguez. Entreculturas and FIFYA team member

Gehiomara Cerdeño

FIFyA Coordination Team member – FyA Ecuador